The old Indico instance is available at
7-8 November 2019
Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas
Europe/Lisbon timezone


List of testbeds represented, but not limited to:

  1. AutoGOLE / MEICAN Network Service Interface(NSI) Testbed
  2. AMIS: Advanced Instrumentation Measurement and Services
  3. BigData Express International 100 Gbps Testbed
  4. CENI: Ciena Environmentfor Network Innovations
  5. Chameleon
  6. Citylab
  7. CloudLab
  8. CloudNEXT
  9. DcompTB: Dispersed computing testbed
  10. DETERLab: cyber DEfense Technology Experimental Research Laboratory
  11. EdgeNet
  12. Fed4FIRE
  13. FIBRE: Future Internet Brazilian Environment for Experimentation
  14. FIT: Future Internet of Things
  15. FUTEBOL: Federated Union of Telecommunications Research Facilities for an EU-Brasil Open Laboratory
  16. GENI: Global Environmentfor Network Innovations 
  17. Grid’5000
  18. G-SDX: GENI Software Defined Exchange
  19. GTS: GEANT Testbeds Service
  20. ICN: Cisco Information Centric Networking Testbed
  21. iGENI: International Global Environment for Network Innovations
  22. International Peta-trans Data Transfer Node (DTN) Testbed
  23. JGN
  24. JOSE: Japan-wide Orchestrated Smart/Sensor Environment
  26. Large Hadron Collider Open Network Environment (LHCONE) Point-to-Point Service Testbed
  27. Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Network Testbed
  28. Metropolitan Research and Education Network (MREN) Optical Testbed (OMNInet)
  29. OF@TEIN + SmartX Playground
  30. RISE: Research Infrastructure for large-Scale Experiments
  31. SCinet 400 Gbps Prototype Network
  32. SCinet DTN-as-a-Service Testbed Network
  33. SCinet WAN Tbps Prototype Network
  34. SD-WAN International Testbed
  35. Smart Gigabit Communities
  36. StarBED
  37. Virtual Wall
  38. w-iLab.t